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All-new Amazon Echo w/ 2 Free Hue smart bulbs is $69.99 for Black Friday — First Sale Ever

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Get the new Amazon Echo for $69.99

Amazon has gone live with their Black Friday deals on most of their devices, including most Echos. The all-new 4th-gen Amazon Echo is on sale for $69.99 and Amazon is throwing in 2 Philips Hue smart bulbs for free. The Echo normally costs $99.99 and the bulbs would be an additional $30, so you’re saving $60 with this discounted bundle. This is the first time that the new spherical Echo has ever been on sale. It may be hard to differentiate them in pictures, but the Amazon Echo, at 5.7 inches wide, is considerably larger than the similar-looking new Echo Dot and, therefore, sounds much better. This latest version of the Amazon Echo comes in 4 colors, Charcoal, White, Blue, and a limited edition (PRODUCT) RED that was just made available last week. All colors cost the same. While the included Philips Hue bulbs normally require a Hue Hub to work, the Echo has a built in hub so it allows you to control these bulbs without the need of a seperate hub. If that’s too pricey, the Echo Dot with a free bulb is on sale for $28.99 and if you want better audio, the Echo Studio with 2 free bulbs is on sale for $159.99.

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