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Amazon Fire TV Sticks gain new Audio/Video Sync Adjustment Option

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Amazon has added a new option to Fire TVs for adjusting the synchronization between the device’s audio and video output. Selecting the new setting will allow you to add or remove an audio delay to compensate for delays added by your TV, soundbar, or AV receiver. The new option seems to only be available on the 2020 3rd-gen Fire TV Stick and the Fire TV Stick Lite for now, but may be coming to other Fire TV models.

The new “AV Sync Tuning” option, as it’s labeled, is found under Settings > Display & Sounds > Audio. If you don’t find it on your device, be sure to check for software updates, as it may still be rolling out. As mentioned, I have only seen the new setting appear on my 2020 Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick Lite so far.


When you open the setting, you immediately see a blue circle bouncing up and down and a rectangle moving across the screen from left to right. When the circle hits the moving rectangle, a beep is heard. The idea is that if the sound of the beep is heard at the same time as you see the circle touch the rectangle, then your audio and video output are synchronized.

At the bottom of the screen is a slider that can be moved left or right to shift the device’s audio forward or backward. If you are seeing the circle touch the rectangle before you hear the beep, then you move the slider to the right. If you are hearing the beep before you see the circle touch the ball, then you move the slider to the left. Note that you have to press the select button each time you’re done moving the slider before the new audio offset gets applied.


Normally, the sync tuning screen says “Tuning Mode: HDMI” in the bottom right corner. If you have a Bluetooth audio device, like Bluetooth headphones or a Bluetooth soundbar, connected to your Fire TV, it will say “Tuning Mode: Bluetooth” in the bottom right corner. This is because the new setting will remember the audio offset you configure for HDMI and Bluetooth separately.

For example, if you only have audio sync issues when using a Bluetooth speaker/headphone, then you can connect the Bluetooth device, fix the AV sync with this new setting, and then when you disconnect the Bluetooth device, the AV sync setting will revert back to default. Then when you reconnect the Bluetooth device, it will reapply the AV sync setting that you previously configured. This allows you to have 2 different AV sync settings, one for HDMI and one for Bluetooth, so that you don’t need to keep changing the AV sync setting each time you connect and disconnect a Bluetooth device.

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