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HBO Max is officially coming to Amazon Fire TVs on Tuesday November 17

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The wait is over. HBO and Amazon have reached an agreement and have announced that an official HBO Max app will be arriving on Amazon Fire TVs, Firesticks, Fire TV Edition televisions, and Fire tablets this Tuesday, November 17. The new version of HBO has only been available on Fire TVs via sideloading since it launched earlier this year in May. Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to get it from the Amazon Appstore, as you’d expect.

The existing “HBO” app in the Amazon Appstore will simply be replaced by the new “HBO Max” app. That means you won’t have to do anything if you have the current HBO app installed, as it should automatically update to the new HBO Max app. Just like the xisting HBO app, the new HBO Max app will be compatible with every Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV Edition model.

If you’ve sideloaded HBO Max, the recommendation is to uninstall your sideloaded version once the official HBO Max app is available and then install the official version from the appstore by searching for HBO Max on your Fire TV. For instructions on how to uninstall an app, see this guide. Note that you will need to re-login/re-activate the app.

With the arrival of an official HBO Max app on Fire TVs, that just leaves Peacock as the last major streaming service not available on Fire TVs. Well, at least it’s the last of the ones we expect should be on the platform. You can still sideload the Peacock app while you wait for Amazon and NBC to, hopefully, work out a deal to bring the official app to your Fire TV.

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